Adult Classes

We are looking forward to another year of interesting and inspirational classes. See below for a sneak peek at the lessons planned for the Adult classes in the upcoming year.

James Riley – UK

Class title: Living Gospelimg-6710

Let’s immerse ourselves in some of the daily scenes recorded in the gospels. We will simply follow Jesus around for a number of days. We will bring new life into these well-known events by simply letting these chapters reveal their own truth through the stories that they tell, and hopefully gleaning some new dimensions along the way. My approach is to let the text speak. We won’t dive all over the place, or follow references or complex ideas.

Wendy Johnsen – Canada

Class title: Shame or Honor?IMG_6006

Ps 62:7 “My salvation and my honor depend on God

Our sense of sinfulness and unworthiness before God lead to emotions of shame, guilt and fear. These can overpower the gifts of grace that are God-given through Jesus: honor, innocence and power. 

What did this mean in the first century Greco-Roman world? As they were embedded in the cultural context, how did the pressure to conform cause tension in the new life orientation of Christians? How did the NT writers re-frame these cultural values in terms of the new Christian family?

This study is crucial to us in our 21st century Western culture as we seek to live as followers of Christ. While helping to bring clarity to our personal faith-walk, this also helps us understand our interaction with other cultures in preaching and living.