Examples of Menucha’s accommodations are shown below. Please note that room layouts may vary from those pictured and that specific room selection is typically not allowed. Accommodation types may not be available if rooms have already been registered for by others.

If you have any questions about the accommodations, please use the Contact Us page. We are happy to help you determine the best situation for you and your family.

Standard Room

There are several sleeping buildings on campus with a variety of bedroom types. Most have queen or twin beds though some also include bunk beds which are excellent for families. Many of the rooms have en-suite bathrooms but if not, there is a bathroom located just outside the room that may be shared with another sleeping room.


Reserved for high school, college, and young adults, these rooms feature bunk beds with shared bathrooms. Depending upon need, dorms will be designated for young men (13-25), single adult men (26+), young women (13-25), and single adult women (26+).

RV Parking

If you would prefer to provide your own accommodations, please let the Registrar know. While there are no official camping sites nor RV hook ups, there is typically an allowance for one or two campers, subject to Menucha facility approval.